October 2016


Need more sales but hate being a salesperson?

Need more sales but hate being a salesperson? Try thinking like a buyer

Need more sales?

If you’re struggling and you need to get more sales in your business then you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common problems that any business faces. To make matters worse, if you’re like most business owners, you don’t see yourself as a sales person. It is a skill set that you don’t feel you possess or even want to learn. So how do you get more sales without being more ‘salesy’?

One idea is to spend less time focussing on how to sell and think more about why people buy. You need to focus on making it easier for your prospects and customers to find you and buy from you. The great thing is that whilst most people don’t like to sell, and virtually no one likes to be sold to, nearly everyone likes to buy.

So why do people buy?

An individual purchase is made up of lots of complicated emotional and logical decisions but the basic principles are in fact very simple. They’re also something that you can build into to your business. If you want to understand why people buy you have to look at your business from your customers point of view.  You have to understand what’s important to them. So why do people buy? Well:

The Right Product – One that helps them achieve their goals

Whether subconsciously or not the main reason that drives our purchases is the belief that in buying the product or service it will help us achieve a goal or solve a problem. It doesn’t matter whether it is a specific goal or a more general one like being more successful. Our purchases have to support the belief that we are getting closer to our goal. No one buys something to make them less successful, less attractive, less wealthy; it is always the reverse.

To make people more interested in buying from you, you need to talk about how your product helps your customers achieve their goals. We moved on from only talking about the features of a product to talk about the benefits but to really get people to buy from you, you need to talk about outcomes. You also need to be as specific as possible, too often people talk about general goals or make high-level statements, rather than getting to the heart of what an individual wants.

You also need to focus in on the most important and most urgent of goals, you need to find the goals that the person is needing to reach right here and right now rather than the “someday” goals.

The Right Person – you’re liked and trusted

The second area is that you have to be the right person. If you’re wondering what makes you the right person, it comes down to two simple things. They like you and they believe you can deliver on what you say you can do.

Being Liked

Being liked is relatively simple, we can all be likeable, it doesn’t take any difficult skill set. It comes from doing some very simple things, like remembering people names and basic facts about them. It comes from genuinely engaging with people on a human level.

Being Trusted

Being trusted and believed is a little bit more complicated, particularly if you’ve only recently met the person. There are lots of things that you can do that can help build your credibility and trustworthiness, though.

When I meet someone new often the first thing that I do is look them up online. I check out their profile on LinkedIn and look at their website. In doing this I can see any case studies, testimonials, articles or blogs they have on there. So the more of these you have the better the chance of people feeling that you are an expert in what you do. I can also see who else they know and if they other people that I know, I can check them out that way. You can also present at networking events, offer free consultations and so many other ways. The important thing is that when people talk with you, they see you as someone who can help.

You can also present at networking events, offer free consultations and so many other ways. The important thing is that when people talk with you, they see you as someone who can help.

Another way is to have an aspect of your product or service that is either free or at a lower price. My local pub is a real ale pub and they will allow you to try any beer before you buy it. I like real ale and I like trying new beers but some of the beers have a very strong flavour that puts me off. Being able to try them first means that I will continue to try lots of new beers rather than sticking with one I feel safe with.

The Right Price – it creates the right amount of value

We often get fixated on the price we charge our customers. We can spend a lot of time talking about how we are cheaper than our competition or how we have a great deal or discount on at the moment. In fact, we can spend loads of time talking about how much something costs. I’ll let you into a little secret that might surprise you. When it comes to wanting something the cost is the last thing on somebodies mind. The question isn’t how much does it cost but how much is it worth?

If you want to people to buy from you then work out how much solving their problems or helping them achieve their goals is worth to them. Imagine as a result of reading this blog you managed to get 10 new customers, who not only bought once from you but came back regularly to buy from you, how much would that be worth to you? How much would this article be worth? See how it works. So focus on the value you bring to your customers, not the price that you charge them.

The Right Point – can they afford it

Now I know that I just said that it’s not about the cost but at the end of the day you want customers who can actually pay you. So whilst it isn’t about cost, they still have to be able to afford it. You need to think about how you can make things as affordable as possible. There are lots of ways that you can do this. Payment plans, delayed payment and accepting credit cards and are just some of the obvious ones. Depending on what your business is there are probably some more creative ones as well.

Affordability isn’t just about money, sometimes it is the effort and emotional cost that stops us from buying. Any purchase can involve change and if we feel that change is too great we delay making the choice. So as well as making the cost affordable, think how you can make it as easy as possible to buy. Avoid putting  in long contracts, complicated processes and difficult requirements that don’t improve the service for the customer. If your product delivers and you give good service, customer loyalty will keep them coming back better than a contract.


Now I’m not saying this will work in every situation. If you focus on viewing things from the customer’s point of view, though, you’ll have a much better chance of them choosing to buy.

If you want to know more about how you can change your conversations. Change them so that more people want to buy from you then just book some time with me. To book a half hour introduction phone call just click here.