Business Conversationalist - someone who both enjoys and is good at conversation

So what is a business conversationalist?

Business Conversationalist - someone who both enjoys and is good at conversation

Asking me what is a business conversationalist is unsurprisingly one of the questions I get asked the most. (Which is kind of the point; I’d rather explain what I do, rather than people think that they already know). For those of you who I won’t ever get to meet, you get the chance to read it here.

A simple definition of a business conversationalist is someone who both enjoys and is good at business conversations. This is a great description of me; I love talking with people about their businesses. Hearing about why and how people do what they do is always really interesting. In my role, it’s my aim to add value to people’s businesses through these conversations. Helping them gain a new perspective on what is going on or finding new ways to communicate what’s important in and about their business. It is through these conversations that we can learn, develop and grow.

In fact, we should all be a business conversationalist in our roles. If you aren’t good at and don’t enjoy talking about your business then you are always going to struggle to succeed. You might be talking with your employees, communicating your vision and helping them to understand how their role contributes to the success of the organisation. You might be talking to your prospects, engaging with them on how you can help their businesses grow. It could be anyone of the many others conversations you have within business every day. It will be through your conversations that you will develop your best relationships within your business, that you will convince other to share your vision and bring about the change that you want to see within your business.

So whatever you’re trying to achieve, think about working on your conversational skills. If you can be a business conversationalist in your work then you can achieve pretty much anything you set your mind on.