Who says you can't have it all

Can’t have it all?

Who says you can't have it all

Think that you can’t have it all. I was having a conversation the other day with someone at a networking meeting and they were frustrated that whatever they tried to do they couldn’t have it all. I asked them what they meant and they told me that of they tried to have a good work-life balance or be flexible about how much they worked then their business suffered. If they just focussed on their business then their personal life suffered. They even sighed and said, “I suppose you can’t have it all”.

For many people this can be a real problem, we start a business in order to have more but so often end up with less.

Well, I think you can have it all.

The problem often comes when we try to run our businesses just like we were an employee and not and entrepreneur. If you look at the most successful business owners then they definitely have it all. It often starts with having the mindset that not only can you have it all that in fact you deserve it as well. Until you get passed this point it’s only you who is stopping you.

In many cases, it is because we don’t value what we do. Each of us has a unique set of talents, skills and abilities but because we are good at them we can easily forget how valuable they are. We forget that what may be easy for us is often quite difficult for other people. Truly understanding your worth in the market you are working in is one of the first steps of having the business you want. Not only that it can help you achieve the life that you want as well. It can be the first step in having it all.

So who says you can’t have it all? Not me.